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Hey guys, how are you going? Hopefully you are finding some positives to your days 🙂 . Happy Mothers Day to all of the awesome mothers out there for last Sunday.

Since I have decided that these blog posts can be any length I want and not a crazy long essay that is not written from the heart it feels less intimidating writing. I also highly recommend anyone to try writing and just see what happens, you will always surprise yourself (mostly in a good way 😉 ).

This past week has been one of a lot of realizations about my life and some hard truths about how I am progressing within my work. For those of you who don’t know I have been running my own Personal Training business inside a gym now for almost one and a half years while I am incredibly passionate about keeping active and training in a gym the actual job was making me unfulfilled, anxious and I had lost some business due to various reasons. Like the title of this blog, I was not flowing, I was forcing everything to happen and I don’t believe this is how true success is attained. It is attained by being in alignment with who you are and the ideas and situations come with a lot of hard work but with a lot of fun and excitement, things that were missing for me. This is not a post to complain about my situation I am ridiculously lucky to have survived as long as I did and if it weren’t for some of my awesome clients I would not be here right now.

I will write more about my plans for the future, but for now hopefully if nothing else this helps you see the importance of doing work that is hard but makes you light up when you do it. If you are not maybe you need to take a look to see if there is anything you can do to change it, even if it is getting a new hobby outside of work. Although in my opinion,  never take your job for granted: you can move on when you are ready. Work is what helps us contribute to society and allows us the freedom to do what we love and many people don’t have this luxury.

On a more carefree note, Perth is getting colder! It had to happen one day and I guess now is the time. I really want a beautiful structured leather biker jacket to wear to keep out the cold and make me look cool (if I could even get any cooler haha). Today’s look was so warm and snugly to wear. This Zara shirt is my favorite shirt at the moment; the perfect length for high wasted jeans and khaki green is definitely one of my new favorite colors to wear.

Thanks for reading guys,

Take care and dare to be seen.

Anna 🙂

Coat: Sportsgirl/ Shirt: Zara/ Jeans: Lee/ Boots: Wittner/ Bag: Miss Shop/ Hat: H&M

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