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Hey guys how has your past week been? Hopefully it contained some fun times and relaxation.

I thought I would write about some of my thoughts on success, hopefully it is somewhat helpful even if its to know you are doing okay in life.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I spend way too much time on social media comparing my life to others, which yes can be kind of helpful 30% of the time, but the rest is just disheartening.

Like a lot of people out there I also want my own success. Although sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in wanting success and looking at your achievements compared to others that you can forget the most important thing of all, being a good person and being happy.

In my opinion the reason behind real and lasting success is working out your unique talents and showing them to the world. Once you get past all the bull crap and lies your mind will try to make up to stop you being you, then you can finally be you and achieve your version of success although this takes time and real effort.

If your judging people on their “success” remember it means different things to different people. If you have suffered with depression and anxiety for most of your life success could just mean having a clear mind, which for some would be amazing.

In life if you feel like you have been called to do a particular line of work listen to it and go for it, you never know what fun and exciting times are waiting for you as well as the ultimate success, happiness. You living your purpose will also have a ripple effect and maybe something you have been wanting to share for a long time could change many peoples lives for the better so in a way you are doing you and the world a disservice by not giving your ideas at least a go.

Be a good person, take calculated risks and embrace opportunities when they arrive. If the opportunities don’t arrive go out and find them, they are there you just need to know that there is more out there then you can see and new and nice people and experiences to be had.

Remember just have fun with life and if you’re not happy, look at your options to see what you can do to change that, there is always something.

Everyone has special talents, embrace yours, you will never be for everyone and that’s okay.

True success is happiness and peace of mind, chose your friends, partners, work and lifestyle according to this.

Also, hopefully you like this monochrome look; I am loving how sophisticated it is, well in my opinion. 😉

Take care of yourself and dare to be seen,

Anna 🙂

Top:Kookai/ Skirt: Paint it Red/ Shoes: Top Shop

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2 Comments on “Taking A Look At Success

  1. I found it so refreshing and invigorating, deleting my social media and removing the distractions from my life. I can now set my own expectations on my future endeavours. I think it’s dangerous chasing success for the sake of it, instead one should be the best person they can be

    Great post, very relevant.

    “The reason why we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind the scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.”


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