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Hey guys, how has your week been? Mine has been okay but hopefully it gets better soon.

At the moment in my life I feel like I am at a cross roads and most of the time I literally feel like it would be easier to just crawl in bed and never come out. Although long term that does not seem that satisfying.

To be honest I could see my life slowly crumbling for a long time. But with saying that I have so many things to be grateful for. The main and most important one is having good mental health because that really is the most important thing.

I wanted to write this post to let you guys know that this kind of stuff is happening to people all the time and life is not a straight path. Although it would be so much easier if it was!

If you are feeling crap and useless remember you are not alone and know that everyone out there have also felt like this at some point. It wont last forever, nothing does.

But if at the moment you are feeling this way I thought I would give you some of my coping mechanisms.

  • DO NOT GIVE UP, as much as you want to, you cant. Remember everyone feels like this sometime.
  • Keep doing the things that you enjoy. Get out there and you will be in a much better head space then just constantly staying at home. If you feel like you need new friends try using Meetup which has lots of groups full of Perth people or maybe even Tinder 😉 .
  • Find someone old and wise to talk to, they often know more then you think.
  • Go to the beach or somewhere peaceful and calm – this is good for thinking and clearing the mind.
  • Look at the positives, after this is over you will have a greater sense of what you can actually achieve.
  • Try to see the good in people and this will help you see the good in yourself.

Thanks for reading guys and remember this blog is a reminder that there are people out there like you.

On anther note, do you like this outfit? Let me know because I think my style is improving, if I do say so myself ;).

Stay strong and dare to be seen.

Anna 🙂 xx

Top: Bardot/ Skirt: Bardot/ Shoes: Wittner/ Bag: Mimco


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