Hey guys, how has your week been? Sorry about the lack of blog posts, it has been on my mind to start writing again. Although I was in Bali 2 weeks ago now and you know, Bali is for relaxing 😉 .

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I thought I would write about my recent trip to Ubud in Bali, staying at the incredibly relaxing and beautiful Padma Resort Ubud. On a side note, this hotel is actually a 35-minute drive out of Ubud.

The past two overseas holidays I have been on I have traveled alone so it was strange but so nice to sit next to people I actually know on the plane ride. I sat in the middle of my mum and sister and the three of us shared our excitement for the coming week.

After the extremely quick plane ride – how crazy is it that people in Perth can get to the beautiful tropical paradise that is Bali in less then four hours, crazzzzyy! We got in our taxi that took us to our hotel – The Padma Ubud. This was a one and a half hour journey from the airport. A long drive, but was nice to see some of Bali from the comfort of a car.

Once we arrived at the Padma, I think it was 11:00pm or maybe later we unpacked and checked out our gorgeous hotel room, sadly I did not take any photos of it but it was everything you could want for a beautiful luxurious stay. Even a swan made from a towel, now that is luxury!

Eating breakfast at the Padma was like I was living in my own amazing dream. The buffet was full of all of the healthy (and not so healthy) food a girl could dream of and so much freaking bacon! There were many types of juices including a turmeric juice and coconut water, different muesli’s (got to get the fibre somewhere, right), waffles, arrays of different breads and so many different hot food options like hash browns, eggs and fried rice. You could get whatever coffee or tea you liked so naturally I took advantage of this by ordering a cappuccino everyday, the coffee art was even on point. The view at breakfast was breathtaking, as you sit on the balcony and overlook the beautiful Balinese landscape.

The Padma has many things to do during the day, although we opted for less and chose to spend most of our time relaxing. For us this meant sleep ins, watching Keeping up with the Kardashians (guilty pleasure) swimming in the infinity pool, spa, sauna, sitting on our balcony, chatting, having a few drinks and eating some delicious meals at the hotel restaurant.  I must mention the great assistance from my Mum and Sis  for taking photos for me 😀 .

The seven days at the Padma was invigorating and getting away from reality is sometimes just what you need to clear your mind. I was so lucky to travel with people that I love and respect, which brings you closer and allows you to enjoy the holiday experience even more. My mum and sister also pointed out some of my flaws, which were important for me to hear so now I can work on them.

Finally, thank you so much to the hotel staff who assembled a third bed in our room so I didn’t have to sleep on a fold out bed! So nice of you!

I hope you enjoyed the blog post and if you are thinking about having a relaxing holiday this is a great place to try especially as it is very far away from reality 😉 .

Below are some photos taken from our trip, enjoy.

Take care and dare to be seen,

Anna 🙂 xx


About to eat breakfast!


Fun times



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