Since I have started this blog, I need to commit to it. I really hope that making a blog helps you see how easy it is to create your own things in life. For me it wasn’t until last year where I went to Europe that I realized that I can make things, using people who I idolize as inspiration and not people to be jealous of or to put on pedestals.

I am making this blog as life is too short not to do awesome things and to let go of the outcome! Also if you want to start a blog, you should do it! Remember everyone is different and has there own story to tell, don’t worry about the competition because only you can write from your heart!

This blog will be focusing on accepting yourself and becoming more of yourself. I work as a Personal Trainer, I believe that maintaining your health and fitness should be fun and easy to achieve with the right plan and is vital of you are going to live a full and creative life. in an easy to achieve way is so important when it comes to living a full life. Although exercising consumes an hour of your day it actually adds more hours of productivity to everyday.

Helping people everyday made me want to help myself and have an outlet where I can express my creativity in what ever way I feel like.

Remember everyone is human and just trying there best in life.

Thanks for reading!
Anna 🙂

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