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Hi guys,

How are you going? It is actually kind of challenging thinking up blog post ideas that I think could be useful. Although the more you do things the easier they become, or something like that ;).

I thought I would start with some of my thoughts on body image, although this might not be conclusive it could also help you feel more comfortable with the way you look and feel about yourself. As well as opening the door to exploring the awesome world of weight training and all of its amazing benefits.

Being healthy and fit is a massive part of my life, the feeling of eating enough so you are not left feeling hungry but also for enjoyment is the best feeling. On that same note, training for enjoyment and to not to punish yourself is very empowering.

Sadly most people I talk to are always telling me they want to look more toned, although I think I understand where they are coming from I can’t help but feel slightly sad that society has told us that females should look a particular way, that men should look muscly and strong but women should look slim like a model. While I think that models look beautiful a lot of the time they are just really lucky to have good genetics and often it is unrealistic to achieve that look.

I really think that we should redefine what an ideal body image is. In my opinion its one that you can easily maintain through a healthy diet and regular exercise, no matter what that exercise might be.

If you decide to start training with weights you will find that you will start looking different, like you do train. You will also feel what it feels like to be able to get stronger and lift something heavier then you could a few months ago and this should be a very uplifting feeling, not one of stress and fear of becoming muscly. When I see females who look like they train with heavy weights I know that they are doing their best to look after their body, deciding to do what is right for them as well as lifting to feel amazing and invincible!

So guys, please don’t worry about looking too muscly, with the right training program you will look awesome and strong (just like me hahaha), no matter what your genetics are. As well the muscle you will gain is a direct reflection of the amazing mental strength you have gained with your consistent hard work and dedication.

You need to celebrate your body and all the amazing things it can do!

Enough about the serious stuff!…..

This outfit I put together is a take on the layered look. To achieve this I  put two basics from my wardrobe together that are made out of different materials and paired them with some blue jeans. Lace adds a feminine touch and is complemented by the solid construction of the black singlet. This is a great transitional outfit especially when you want to reinvent some basics you already have. As for my awesome yin yang bag! My sister recently returned from her holiday in the U.K. and brought it back for me, so cute thanks Sophie!

What have you been thinking and wearing this week, I would love to know.

Take care and thanks for reading, until next time.

Anna 🙂 XX


Lace top: General Pants

Singlet: Cooper Street

Jeans: Lee

Bag: Skinny Dip


Photography: Michael Stevens

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1 Comment on “Accepting Your Body Image

  1. Bloody awesome Anna,fantastic idea of using what is already in your wardrobe. Beautiful.xxxxx Ag. xxxx


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