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Hey guys, how has your past week been? Mine has been pretty good, I watched T2 Trainspotting, in my opinion is a really well produced movie and made me think about the meaning of life. If you haven’t watched it yet go to the cinema soon, you wont regret it. I also went to a one-day course by the Australian Style Institute (ASI). I wanted to see what ASI was about and if it was a course I would like to take in the future. Lauren, who is the founder of ASI presented a great days worth of learning about the course and style. She also covered her own motivational approach to life, work and style and left us all with the words: “You can either be green and growing or red and rotting” which I think is pretty true. After talking about style for an entire day I already feel more stylish, you should definitely check ASI out if you love fashion and style.

Today I thought I would write about some of my thoughts on creativity and why you should definitely add some in your life right now! Well if your not already, that is 😉 .

For a long time I felt like being creative was a waste of time and I could be doing more productive things with my time. But actually being creative should be a part of your everyday life so you can stay happy and use different parts of your brain.

Daily life, work and study can also mean that we are often not creative because our lives are often based on topics which don’t really require you to create something more artistic. If you are feeling this way, there are always things you can do 🙂 .

Being creative often means you have to be extremely vulnerable, especially if you want to put your creative work out into the world for anyone to see. This really scared me (and still does) and is one of the reasons I did not choose a more creative career path as it can be open to a lot of rejection, which is hard to take.

But I really don’t think that should stop you, being creative means to have fun with life and what you are doing. If you love fashion and music like I do you should try to express this in anyway you think could work. I used to feel so guilty for liking to dress up and buy fancy clothes but then I realized I loved it because it’s creating visual art you can see everyday that expresses your personality – actually so cool if you ask me!

Adding more creativity can be done in so many ways, meaning anyone can do it! Some of my own ideas are:

  • Dressing in a way that makes you feel happy and represents your personality
  • Being creative with cooking: trying new flavor combinations and ingredients
  • Learning something new, it could be anything from Yoga to how to speak Japanese
  • Find new music you love and then share it with other people so they can love it too
  • Learn how to play an instrument, it doesn’t have to be good but it can be fun for you
  • Get more creative with your current job, there are always at least a few things you can play with to make things different
  • Make some art work or go to an art gallery
  • Go to a concert by a musician you love
  • Travel and explore new places

These are just a few ideas. What I hope you can take from this is there are so many ways you can be creative and add a smile to your day; you just have to think outside the box a little bit.

Thanks for reading guys and hopefully you like this outfit, if in doubt just wear black 😉 .

Try something creative today and dare to be seen.

Anna 🙂

Dress: BlackMilk/ Pants: Premonition Designs/ Shoes: Wittner

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Taken at Sculptures By The Sea

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