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Hey guys, how has your week been? Sorry about the lack of blog posts (if your reading 😉 ) I just felt frustrated at myself so thought that anything I would write would not be the best. I am really struggling with what to do next in my life, is anyone else out there feeling the same way? There are definitely many people out there with worse issues, but that’s why I want to have clear direction so I can help those in need.

I thought I would write about a book I am reading at the moment by Dr Carol S. Dweck, who has a Ph.D. in Psychology. The book is called Mindset and focuses on two different Mindsets: the Fixed Mindset and Growth Mindset. Having either of these dictates how you handle life and your approach to everything such as dealing with getting fired from a job, success, break ups and your approach to business. I hope to share some concepts I have learnt from the book so far.


The book 🙂

What is a ‘Fixed Mindset’? According to Dr Dweck a fixed mindset is where you think everything is fixed in life. If you are not already good at something there is no way you can ever get better. Talent is praised to get you ahead and if you are not naturally talented at the task you are perusing then it must not be right for you. In this mindset challenges are feared and putting effort into anything is avoided. People with this mindset believe that if you have to practise you are not talented. If a mistake is made it is a direct insult to them. And In a relationship the person is not looking to be challenged and prefers a partner who will praise them.

The ‘Growth Mindset’ value challenging themselves and believe that traits are not fixed and with effort and handwork it is possible to achieve greatness.In a romantic relationship both partners have equal parts to play, they are looking for a partner who sees their strengths and loves them but can also see areas in their life that need work and are able to challenge the partner to work on it.The growth mindset believes that character, heart and mind make a champion and talent only has a small part to play. They have a dig down and face challenges attitude and are always looking for the potential to develop. If they have been fired form a job in the past, instead of believing that it will keep occurring in the next job, they look at the situation as an opportunity to grow and learn from their mistakes to make sure it does not happen again in the future.

This book has shown me how adopting a particular mindset can take you down completely different roads in life and yes you can change your mindset!

I am halfway through the book and I will write my conclusion when I have finished. Hopefully this was helpful for you to understand a little bit about how just changing your mindset can make so many other awesome things happen in your life.

Stay strong friends and work your way through life one step at a time.

Take care and dare to be seen.

Anna 🙂

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Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

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Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

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