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Hey guys! I hope you are having a productive week so far and if your not, do you know what is stopping you?

Recently I have been putting in a lot of effort to try and work out the career path I should be taking. My dream is to put 100% effort into a job I love and hopefully make a small difference in the world, like I am sure a lot of you want to do as well. At the moment though I would describe my efforts as lukewarm across my work and that is incredibly frustrating as it really impacts over a wide spectrum of your life.

The understanding I have of how lucky I am to be born in a first world country and have great health motivates me even more to work out the right job for me as I know if I was born under different circumstances my life would be completely different.

I am going to continue my search and hopefully come up with some answers soon. I thought I would write about this topic as I have a feeling a lot of other people are also wondering and may want answers as to what direction to take. I know the answers will come but they do require some work, unless you are lucky and just know, I wish I was you!

This will be kind of short, but if you want more details just send me a message and I would love to help.

The beginning of the year is when I probably started trying to work out what I should be doing as I had got frustrated at where my life was heading which was nowhere! Also after reading many self help books there comes a time when you have to put at least some of it in action ;).

To start with I started out by getting experience running my own Personal Training business (more on that another time) this took me way out of my comfort zone, but it had to be done.

Once things had settled down for me a bit there I was able to start focusing on learning about success and who I was as a person in anyway I could afford. There are a lot of affordable things out there and people even speak to you for free!

I researched a few of Perth’s most successful people in business to understand what steps they took to get there using Linkedin (creepy but it works haha).

I read books and listened to audio books, the ones I found most helpful were:

Think and Grow Rich By Napolean Hill (if you can master this your set!)

The Success Principles by Jack Cainfield

Spirit Junkie by Gabrielle Bernstein

Light is the new Black by Rebecca Campbell

There are more, I just think those are particularly good.

I Spoke to a counselor to sort out some of my issues, so I could get my head right (or better haha). This is very helpful as it allows you to do self-reflection and view your issues in a new light as well as looking back on your past to see what your interests where as a child. Also it is great just talking to someone that you can trust that will not judge you or tell anyone your secrets.

I went to a few workshops on fitness to see what other people in the industry are doing, you could do the same for the industry you are currently in.

Last week I went to a career counselor, who was lovely. I filled out a very helpful career survey, which actually confirmed what I thought I new about myself and gave me some career options to think about.

I also started this blog as way to get some creativity in my life :D.

I have ordered a book called The Art of Work by Jeff Goins, so hopefully that is helpful.

But above all just be a good person and people will like you no matter what your job is.

Hopefully you found this helpful and if not, just take a look at the pretty pictures taken in Fremantle ;).

Thanks for reading and take care of yourself.

Until next time,

Anna xo


Top: Top Shop

Skirt: Bardot

Bag: Mimco

Photography: Michael Stevens

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