Hey guys, how is your week going? I just wanted to say if you are reading this then thank you! You should also thank yourself for taking some time to do some reading to take the time to understand other people’s lives and perspectives.

For those of you who don’t know I am 26, I know in the scheme of life it is not that old. Although growing up I always thought that 26 was the right age to have your life together.

But to be honest I really don’t, although I have the feeling a lot of other people out there don’t as well.

As frustrating as this is for me this past year I have found a lot of cracks that no matter what path I was to take in life needed to be fixed as it is almost impossible to have real success unless those underlying issues were addressed.

The low value I placed on myself was where a lot of my own issues were coming from. I didn’t value myself at all, which is very frustrating. After a lot of my own observations on people and my own reading I have found the idea of the relationship you have with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have to be completely true and fundamental if you are looking to have any success in life no matter what that is, whether it is in a loving relationship or running your own business.

The moment you start seeing value in yourself other people will immediately be able to pick up on it and it will improve everything around you. Some people might not even like you anymore after they find that you are valuing yourself now, but those people aren’t for you.

Valuing yourself can come in a few ways. For some it is just a natural instinct to value themselves and if that’s you then keep up the good work but try to remember that not everyone feels this way yet.

For others it takes longer, you also need to come to the realization that you don’t value yourself and even that can sometimes take awhile.

Life will present you with circumstances that can make you realize you don’t value yourself and this is a great thing. Once you find you have a problem, you can fix it!

Firstly you need to self reflect and look back at some situations to see how you allowed other people to treat you.

Look into your past and try to see some of the situations where you didn’t see value in yourself. Often this is a result of unhelpful thinking patterns, which is just your default thinking pattern to particular situations that you have used for many years. Default thinking patterns are basically just annoying thinking patterns you have developed over time which could seem like they are protecting you when really they are keeping you small. Don’t worry I still have a lot of these that I am slowly changing.

Realizing you have these default patterns is a game changer, if you know you have one pattern you are able to look at it and understand you have the ability to change this pattern and choose a new thought pattern to these circumstances, one that will be more loving and kind towards yourself.

When talking about yourself to others, don’t put yourself down everyone has had different experiences in life, which makes you unique. How boring would the world be if everyone thought the same and had the same career aspirations?

Start investing in yourself. The more you learn and can add to yours and other people’s lives the better. This will also add value to yourself as a person.

Value other people, seeing value in others is so important and only adds to the value you see in yourself. Always listen to there opinion and thoughts, you don’t always have to agree but you do have to know that like you they have amazing value.

Having said all of this, just keep going out there in life no matter what. Doing anything is literally always better then doing nothing!

Also if this writing isn’t for you, why not just get some awesome styling tips from these photos, I mean can you even get a better fashion choice then a sparkly mesh top with dinosaurs on it :D?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time,

Take care of yourself.

Anna xo

Top: Skinny Dip / Jeans: Lee / Bag: Skinny Dip / Shoes: Wittner

Photography: Michael Stevens

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

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