Ruffles and Reflections is a Perth based blog made for you! It tackles the big questions in life with a smile, a cute outfit and a realistic positive approach. At Ruffles and Reflections I know life is tough, working out who you are as well as how to be the best version of yourself and everything in between. I take a gentle approach to this showing you that beauty and confidence does not have to mean starving yourself to be slim.I want you to embrace life in every way and hopefully this is a tool you can use when you feel like you need a helping hand. Remember the are people out there just like you.

I review only the best products and offer easy and healthy ways to have a good life while still having some indulgences 😉 .

We want to make the world a better place by just being ourselves and letting that be a ripple effect. Most of all we just want you to be healthy and happy.

Take care and dare to be seen

Founder of Ruffles and Reflections,

Anna Stevens





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