Hey Guys, how is your week going so far? Full of the usual life ups and downs I could imagine.

The past week I have gotten some feedback on my writing for this blog, which was all very true. As much as all the posts I have written are the truth and I hope helpful to at least someone. I think they have also skimmed the surface and might even portray my life differently then the way it is in reality, just like all forms of social media seem to do. As much as I am aware that I am incredibly lucky, like everyone else I have a lot of my own insecurities and fears. I just don’t post the tough stuff.

I thought I would share some of my own issues (not all of them, maybe one day I will write about them 😉 ).

I have described the way I live my life as wrapped in cotton wool. This is a very safe way to live, but its not really living. It is not trying so you can’t fail and being afraid to get hurt. I am working on trying to fix this.

I would and still do too a degree put myself down when talking to others, when really just because the person you are talking to may not value the same things as me does not make me any less.

Everyday I have feelings of doubt, inadequacy,  loneliness and am constantly worried about my finances.

What I have come to understand is that life is meant to be difficult. Over coming obstacles, discovering your own inner strength and who you are come from challenging times and putting yourself out there.

It is easy to wrap yourself in cotton wool, but not satisfying. Nothing in life is guaranteed but that is the nature of the game and makes everything a little bit scary, fun and exciting.

So just keep putting yourself out there, whatever you can think of to do (safely and with the best intentions, of course). And remember I am not perfect.

Hopefully you can get some style inspo from this festive look :).

Take care and Merry Christmas!

Thanks for reading,

Anna 🙂

Dress: Tigermist/Bag: Skinny Dip/Shoes: Wittner/Photography Michael Stevens

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